Who are we?

Next Pace Media is a premium global media agency, working with proprietary technology across all media types (Desktop, Mobile Web, InApp), to find the right audience for advertisers and marketers.

We specialize in LATAM and US traffic.

Our Multi-screen, cross platform solutions provide innovative discovery, delivery and monetization solutions for publishers and advertisers alike.

Our products combine state-of-the-art technology with leading experts from the ad:tech industry, insuring we meet your campaign goals consistently.

It’s all about engaging with your target audience
at the place, at the right time

Countries Global Coverage
Demand Partners
Monthly ad opportunities


Next Pace Media offers Advertisers a one stop shop for their campaigns.

Display banner campaigns with all sizes, across all devices.

Video pre, mid & post rolls with various player sizes, across all devices.

Video Outstream units less intrusive and highly viewable.

Premium publishers with the audience that meets your campaign targeting.

Bot/Fraud free traffic.

Fully transparent traffic.

Comprehensive reporting.


Next Pace offers publishers an array of monetization solutions

Display banners

Highest CPMs for your advertising space

Premium brand advertisers

Video Ads – our own embeddable player or Vast/Vpaid integration into existing players.

Cross screen support, mobile and desktop

About us


Next Pace Media was founded by passionate leaders in ad:tech, pouring their extensive knowhow into creating a technology that works.

Our experience in industry is one of the key drivers that always pushes us towards business excellence.

Next Pace Media has offices in Israel and in Miami, Florida US.

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